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On Empathy

Can we escape the prison of our own feelings and desires and embrace the lives of others, discovering ourselves by learning about other people, and finding out how they live, think and look at the world?  Roman Krznaric thinks so.  In this RSA video, Krznaric discussed the "habits of highly empathetic people" and why they can positively effect business practices. He argues that empathy is at the heart of open communication, allowing for clarity and precision.

Could it be that knowledge is overrated?

Harvard Business Review asked this question, suggesting that while knowledge is generally a good thing, there is a point at which it may be bad: we can only comprehend so much; our minds have limits in our ability to digest information, just as shelves are only meant to hold so many books and too much knowledge can undermine the greatest insights, the deepest conjectures.

On Walking

Since Monday 8 March 2010, having heard someone on BBC Radio 4 extol the joys of repeating the same walk over and over, I have decided (when I remember, or when I'm not being distracted by the antics of our dog, Jodie) to try and be present and observant during a regular walk from home, one we call "Passetemps" (the former name of a restaurant nearby), observing the minute daily changes gradually emerge into the seasonal patterns of growth, decline and rebirth.

Quote 223

What to do with too much information is the great riddle of our time - Theodore Zeldin

Quote 222

Victims of technology...have allowed the immediate to drive out the important - Clive Holtham

Quote 221

The scarcest resource is no longer land, capital, labour or information. It's attention - Accenture, 2001

Quote 220

The need to diet, which we know so well in relation to food, and which runs so contrary to our natural impulse, is something we now have to relearn in relation to knowledge, people and ideas. We require periods of fast in the life of our minds no less than in that of our bodies - Alain de Botton,…