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What's Happening? - Diversity

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 Please see below selected recent intelligence about diversity. This is a synthesis of major recent developments at corporates business schools, thinktanks, media, commentators, and other key influencers.


October 2016

  • Does the gender of executives make a difference to business performance, asked the Financial Times? The evidence is mounting that it does, claimed the FT. In some developing economies, women are joining the top ranks of business management at the same pace as those in western countries. Click here to read more work and careers coverage.


June 2016




May 2016




  • Bain & Company recently launched a study that asked more than 1,000 men and women in a mix of US companies two questions: “Do you aspire to top management within a large company?” and “Do you have the confidence you can reach top management?” Women with two years or less of work experience slightly led men in ambition. But for women who had more than two years on the job, aspiration and confidence plummeted 60% and nearly 50%, respectively. These declines came independent of marriage and motherhood status, and compared with much smaller changes for men, who experienced only a 10% dip in confidence.



What Happened? - Diversity

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Please see below selected recent pre-2016 intelligence about diversity. This is a synthesis of major recent developments at corporates business schools, thinktanks, media, commentators, and other key influencers.


December 2015



  • This year it is Finland that comes out as the best place to be a working woman, overtaking Sweden and knocking Norway off the top spot. It scores highest of the 28 countries in The Economist's index for the share of women in higher education (where their lead over males has grown), female labour-force participation and women taking the GMAT (business-school entrance exam), now over 50%. Finland has also increased its paid maternity leave by more than two weeks. Norway still has more women on company boards than other countries, thanks to a 40% mandatory quota that came into effect in 2008, but women's share of senior management jobs is slightly down on last year. While the share of parliamentary seats occupied by women in Norway and Finland has not changed, it fell slightly in Sweden, where the gender pay gap has also widened, and is now closer to the OECD average.


  • Deloitte LLP announced that Janet Foutty had been named chairman and chief executive officer of Deloitte Consulting LLP, effective January 1, 2016. Foutty succeeds Jim Moffatt, who has recently been named global consulting business leader, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. Foutty, a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP, was Deloitte’s federal practice leader and led more than 7,300 practitioners to help federal agencies transform into more efficient, effective organisations. She expanded the practice over the past three years. She previously led nearly 17,000 professionals in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s technology practice, where she achieved double-digit growth and launched several innovative businesses that address clients’ needs in evolving areas. During her 25-year tenure with Deloitte, Foutty has served clients across several industries and has raised visibility of thought leadership in key federal areas, including veterans’ issues, millennials in public service, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.


  • Accenture named a record number of 723 people to managing director and senior managing director. “Each of these individuals brings the talent, leadership and experience that we need to serve our clients, develop our more than 358,000 people and run Accenture as a world-class business," said Pierre Nanterme, Accenture’s chairman and CEO. "These promotions reflect our commitment to career growth and opportunities for our people. We salute these executives and their contributions to Accenture – and to our clients." Women account for more than 28% of the new managing directors and senior managing directors – up from 21% in 2014. 




On Humanity

The Royal Society of Arts gathered a high-profile panel of speakers to explore the hidden agendas behind our values and attitudes toward the place of ‘the human’ in today’s societies, and debate what must now be a key issue for the 21st century.

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There is no recipe for living that suits all cases - Carl Jung

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Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kiss the ground - Rumi

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Cary Fowler: "We can't solve any of the world's problems without crop diversity." Don't endow a museum in NY, endow wheat in Svalbard. -- bupbin (from TED2009, Oxford)

Quote 2321

Biodiversity underpins ecosystem services. Bees can't pollinate, nor can trees store carbon, if they have all died. Diverse systems are better at capturing carbon, storing water and preserving fisheries. Just how diverse an ecosystem has to be in order to supply the goods and services needed by man is a matter of debate - a debate made harder by the fact that many species may have uses that man has not yet found - The Economist, 2008