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What's Changing? - Migration


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees issues an annual report concerning the approximately 21 million people worldwide falling under its mandate: refugees forced to leave their countries due to war, political, racial or religious persecution, as internally displaced persons, or as repatriates on their way back home.  An interactive visualisation gives an insight into the flows and connections of global flight and expulsion.

As Western populations live ever longer, they will need more nurses, care assistants, housekeepers and cleaners. The demand for highly skilled workers will therefore grow too, and countries will start to compete more fiercely for mobile talent. Migration will “define our future” , claimed the authors of a recent book.

Halcyon Listens - October 2013
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Halcyon Inspired 2 November 2013

During October 2013, we listened to and would recommend the following podcasts:

Halcyon Migration Headlines Halcyon Identifies 22 December 2012

Halcyon curates the most significant migration-related content from carefully selected, top quality sources. Please contact us if you'd like our help with migration-related challenges.

Halcyon Identifies Halcyon Identifies 29 October 2010
Halcyon Identifies Halcyon Identifies 27 July 2010


In the decades ahead there is likely to be a good deal more pressure arising from forced migration from those areas of the world that are already suffering.


Halcyon Identifies Halcyon Identifies 4 January 2010
Halcyon Identifies Halcyon Identifies 30 June 2009

Immigrant populations in many OECD countries are feeling the full force of the economic downturn, with employers more reluctant to hire immigrants and more ready to fire them.

Halcyon Identifies Halcyon Identifies 19 January 2009

For tens of millions of migrants working outside their homelands, the global economic crisis is making life much more precarious.

Financial, food, and fuel crises pose a severe threat to uprooted people Halcyon Identifies 17 October 2008

Global financial, food, and fuel crises and the negative impacts of climate change pose a severe threat to the world's 37 million uprooted people.