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In Future - China trends

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Halcyon is actively monitoring key cultural, economic and political headlines about China, in order to try and get an evolving understanding of where this great re-emerging power is headed.


Western and Asian chains are battling over the growing appetite for restaurant meals among Chinese consumers, who have more spending power but less time to cook.

China: shaking the world BBC podcasts…

China overtakes Japan as world's second-biggest economy

How China shapes the world ttp://…

The power of China's people

China tackles image problem in the West…

Chinese leaders have talked for five years about shifting the growth model towards consumption. Yet rebalancing the economy is proving much tougher than Hu Jintao let on in the US last week…

If China's senior leadership does not make a more meaningful effort to combat the tobacco problem, the nation will face a serious health crisis,8599,2043775,00.html?xid=rss-t…

Guan Tong Media Tank is a privately sponsored, independent European-Chinese media exchange platform where opinion leaders of both sides meet and discuss issues of common interest and strategic relevance.

One of China's most high-profile human rights activists says he is being held under house arrest.


The China Syndrome

The Facebooks of China

Beijing's foreign policy - China's preference for non-intervention will be strained as its interests become more deeply entangled with the rest of the world…

Chinese Language Programs Revive "Red Scare" Hysteria…

Trying to read the new "assertive" China

The BBC reports on China's dispossessed

Why Chinese Mothers Are "Superior" (article we read on train)…