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What Really Happened? -The 2010s

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The Institute for the Future published a Ten-Year Forecast in 2010 that it claimed would be a benchmark forecast for the next decade, focusing on five driving themes:

  • The Carbon Economy, including basic forecasts for the energy costs of energy production, the potential for energy efficiencies, and the likely trajectory for carbon markets and their impact on overall energy strategy.
  • The future of Water, including the water costs of many economic value centres (energy, food, manufacturing, etc.); the impacts of climate disruptions and global conflicts; and the emerging ocean economy.
  • The future of Urbanisation, including the role of emergent infrastructure, the potential for suburban reinvention, and the impact of the changing urban food landscape.
  • The future of Global Power, including South-to-South development strategies, new issues in territory and sovereignty, and the potential for the collapse of states.
  • The future of Identity, including new scientific understanding of gender and sexuality, the evolution of the "neuro-self," and the prospects for human speciation.

A 2011 report forecast that economic, demographic, and technological forces would change consumer behaviour drastically.  Consumer 2020: Reading the signs forecasts that the coming decade will see a rebalancing in the global economy.

So what has actually happened during these years (late 2016?). Please contact us for details and pricing on Halcyon's analysis of thedeace to sate.