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What's Happening? - Diversity

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 Please see below selected recent intelligence about diversity. This is a synthesis of major recent developments at corporates business schools, thinktanks, media, commentators, and other key influencers.


October 2016

  • Does the gender of executives make a difference to business performance, asked the Financial Times? The evidence is mounting that it does, claimed the FT. In some developing economies, women are joining the top ranks of business management at the same pace as those in western countries. Click here to read more work and careers coverage.


June 2016




May 2016




  • Bain & Company recently launched a study that asked more than 1,000 men and women in a mix of US companies two questions: “Do you aspire to top management within a large company?” and “Do you have the confidence you can reach top management?” Women with two years or less of work experience slightly led men in ambition. But for women who had more than two years on the job, aspiration and confidence plummeted 60% and nearly 50%, respectively. These declines came independent of marriage and motherhood status, and compared with much smaller changes for men, who experienced only a 10% dip in confidence.



April 2016








March 2016





  • 40% of today’s global workforce are female yet just 5% of global CEO positions are held by women. Yet when women do reach executive positions they, and the companies they work for, tend to flourish. How can organisations close this gap?  Explore PwC's selected insights in Spotlight on Gender Diversity to find out more.



  • PwC's research report Modern mobility: Moving women with purpose is based on the findings of research among almost 4,000 working professionals based in over 40 countries (2,285 were women and 1,652 were men), and 134 global mobility executives representing international organisations headquartered in 23 different countries and with a combined workforce of some 4 million employees. It is a very robust and compelling report with a wealth of powerful research insights that we feel will give us a distinctive global diversity and mobility voice this IWD (and beyond). Furthermore, to support our goal of being number 1 for diversity it also features a number of PwC case studies and PwC female role model profiles.





February 2016





  • In the US, the Executives’ Club of Chicago (EC) announced their new relationship with Deloitte, which works to expand diversity and inclusion awareness, best practices and thought leadership for Chicago’s business community through its newly formed Diversity Leadership Council and programme series. Together with Deloitte, Chair of The Club’s newly formed Diversity Leadership Council, The EC plans to shape conversations, share best practices and stay committed to making diversity and inclusion a priority for Chicago’s business leadership.




January 2016