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On The Waste Land

The Waste Land and Modernity tried to figure out whether someone who captured modern life so well could really dislike it so much.

When he stared out at a world of radio and cinema, of radical art and universal suffrage, did T.S. Eliot really see only a barren, featureless plain? See, for example: The Waste Land describes a sickness, without a prescription.

Perhaps listening to Eliot himself read The Waste Land can give us clues?

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On Nothing

Alan Watts proposed that "the most real state is the state of nothing," Our current reality, argued ideapod, is just a small piece in the reality of what it means to exist, to be nothing. While many consider this current state of existence, of life, as the crux of reality, perhaps our real state occurs before and after our lives in the abyss of "nothingness".

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