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What Can You Change Personally?

The late Robert Muller identified 21 fundamental aspects of human life which must be fundamentally reconsidered, reanalysed, rejudged and reformed. Not to do it, Muller passionately believed, could possibly lead to the death of the human species and of many other life forms and of much of the nature of planet Earth. Here is the list:

  • A new political system for planet Earth

  • A new economics

  • A new education

  • A new media and communications

  • A new democracy

  • A new global leadership

  • A spiritual renaissance and inter-religious cooperation

  • A non-violent human society

  • A well-preserved planet

  • A decent well-being for all humans

  • A stabilisation of the world population

  • Right human settlements on the planet

  • The disarmament, demilitarization, denuclearization and global security of the planet

  • A new science and technology

  • A new anthropology, sociology and new ways of life

  • A new human biology

  • A new philosophy, cosmology and long-term view of evolution

  • A new world ethics and justice

  • A new world psychology

  • A new science and art of planetary management

  • An art and culture renaissance

Muller therefore recommended that we cultivate the following:

  • Our passion for life, for peace, for a divine life on our beautiful planet Earth.

  • A constant observation and study of our life in a notebook or daily journal.

  • Knowledge of ourselves.

  • Love for ideas and positive actions in our life.

  • Love of positive dreams and ideas to make it Paradise Earth.

  • Be proud of our visions.

  • Never accept defeat or give up.

  • Do not use thoughts and things which reduce the vastness of our life

  • Visualise positively our entire life and what we will expect from our retirement.

  • Leave testaments behind us.

  • Do good in as many ways and fields we can.

  • Be a deeply spiritual "cosmic being who will play a role, even after life as a spirit".