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To be a catalyst is the ambition most appropriate for those who see the world as being in constant change, and who, without thinking that they control it, wish to influence its direction - Theodore Zeldin

What's Happening? - Legacy

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This evolving report examines what legacy-related trends might lie ahead.

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Many individuals are now life-tracking or lifestreaming, ie. trying to record the minutiae of their own lives digitally, partly for posterity, and also to better monitor how they live in the present. 

Nothing wrong with that, but it's also worth looking beyond the horizon from time to time. Thinking about how you would like to be remembered can be a catalyst for radical change. It’s said that Alfred Nobel made the decision to establish his famous prize after his brother died and a newspaper, mistakenly believing it was him, published the epitaph: “The Merchant of Death Is Dead.” To Nobel, who made his fortune from the invention of dynamite, the epitaph was a harsh reminder of how he would go down in history. Shortly after this eye-opener, in a bid to rehabilitate his name, he changed his will, donating most of his fortune to the Nobel Foundation. His memory now lives on, not as a merchant of death, but as an advocate of peace and progress.

A strong reminder of the power of legacy can be found in Wilton in WIltshire, UK, where there is a moving tribute to the Earl of Pembroke.





Though most people would probably wish to start more modestly, one of the most fascinating and universal such statements we've encountered so far comes from the late Robert Muller.

1. 1 believe in the absolute sacredness, uniqueness and prodigy of each human life;

2. 1 believe that humanity on this miraculous, wondrous, lifeteeming planet has a tremendous cosmic destiny to fulfill and that a major transformation is about to take place in our evolution;

3. I believe that unprecedented life fulfillment, consciousness, transcendence, happiness and union with God and the universe are the true objectives of life. I believe that cooperation, commitment to life, altruism, and love are the means to that fulfillment;

4. 1 believe that an unprecedented, all encompassing new evolutionary agenda now faces humanity, namely;

a. The harmony between humanity and our planet.

b. The harmony and peace of the human family.

C. Our harmony with time.

d. Our harmony with the heavens.

e. Our personal, individual harmony.

5. 1 believe that the main power, inspiration and wish for this transformation rests with each of the 5.5 billion individuals of this planet;

6. 1 believe that humanity must now transcend its magnificent material and scientific achievements into the moral, affective and spiritual fields. The next frontiers of humanity will be the heart and the soul of which an even lesser percentage than that of the brain is being used;

7. 1 believe in humanity's capacity for unparalleled thinking, perception, inspiration, elevation, planning, cooperation and love for the achievement of a major transformation by the year 2000, and the advent of a peaceful, a happy and spiritual third millennium;

8. 1 believe that humanity should hold a worldwide Bimillennium. Celebration of Life in the year 2000.


I commit myself¬

1. To thank God every day for the unbelievable gift of life;

2. To take good care of the miraculous cosmic unit I have been given, physically, mentally, morally and spiritually;

3. To be a peaceful, loving, kind, happy and healthy person all my life;

4. To irradiate my peace, my happiness and my belief in life;

5. To defend the first universal, cosmic law: 'Thou shall not kill, not even in the name of a nation or a faith;

6. To give thanks to God and society for the privilege of life by contributing to a better, more just, kinder, happier and peaceful world;

7. To devote every moment of my life, every thought, every action and every movement of my heart to the transformation of our planet into a true wonder in the universe;

8. To leave behind me children, friends, actions, thoughts and works which will continue to help humanity's further ascent and transformation towards universal, cosmic, divine fulfillment.

9. To spend my spiritual life after death in doing good for my beloved planet Earth.

Personal - The Ten Commandments to all Humans

1.    You shall love each other, your planet, your family, the God of the universe, and your own miraculous life with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength.

2.    You shall practice truth, kindness, and tolerance towards each other.

3.    You shall never kill a human brother or sister, not even in the name of a nation.

4.    You shall not produce, trade, wear, or use any arms or instruments of violence.

5.    You shall never be violent, neither physically, verbally nor mentally.

6.    You shall respect the lives, peace, happiness, and uniqueness of all your human brothers and sisters.

7.    You shall cooperate with each other, help each other, inspire each other.

8.    You shall contribute your peace, love, and happiness to the peace, love and happiness of the human family.

9.    You shall live in harmony with yourself, with your family, with nature and your environment, with all humanity, and with the God of the universe.

10.    You shall live a responsible life in accord with the supreme interests of our planet and of the human family.


Organisational - The Ten Commandments to all Groups and Institutions


1.    You shall practice truth, tolerance, and respect towards each other.

2.    You shall live in unity and diversity, cooperate with each other, and shall not subvert each other.

3.    You shall harmonize your actions and interests with the supreme interests of our planet and of the human family.

4.    You shall not produce, trade, possess, or use any arms.

5.    You shall not practice violence, neither physical, verbal nor mental, and shall resolve your differences peacefully.

6.    You shall never require killing, violence, or unethical behavior from your members.

7.    You shall respect the United Nations Charter and the unanimous rules, recommendations, and codes of conduct and ethics agreed to by humanity universally.

8.    You shall adopt internal laws and rules of ethics in accord with the supreme interests of our planet and of humanity.

9.    You shall protect the sacred rights of the human person, and obey the universal human rights injunctions of the United Nations.

10.    You shall ensure the internal peace, love, and happiness of your members, and live in harmony with our planet, with all humanity and with the God of the universe.


How can we not be excited to live at a time when there remain still so many exciting things to do and problems to be solved on this magnificent planet e.g.

  • eliminate all wars
  • eliminate all injustices
  • eliminate all violence
  • eliminate all poverty
  • eliminate all unnecessary destruction of nature
  • to create joy and happiness for all humans
  • to love and be excited by all other living species
  • to increase everywhere the beauty of our planet
  • to make it a true paradise for our descendants

...for more, please see Robert