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What Happened? - Innovation

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Please see below pre-2016 intelligence about innovation. This is a synthesis of major recent developments at competitors, business schools, thinktanks, media, commentators, and other key influencers in our external environment.


December 2015


  • Financial chiefs are more inclined to spend on research and development despite economic worries abroadSome 36% of businesses planned to invest in R&D, up from 27% year earlier, the Grant Thornton International Business Report found when it asked US business leaders about their third-quarter sentiments. t the same time, North American CFOs are increasingly concerned about domestic impact from the slowing Chinese economy, which is affecting revenue growth expectations, according to Deloitte’s latest Global CFO Signals report.




  • Strategy&'s 2015 Global Innovation 1000 Study found that firms that favour a more global R&D footprint outperform their less globalised competitors on a variety of financial measures. But going global simply to be global isn’t the answer. Company leaders must clearly articulate, as part of the overall business strategy, the role that innovation plays in the company’s mission. For example, companies should first decide which geographic markets and customers are critical to their growth strategy and then determine where R&D resources need to reside in order to best understand and serve those markets. It’s those types of decisions that should inform the organization’s global R&D footprint.


On Networks

Imagining how mapping humans' intricate social networks.could better our lives, by e.g. detecting epidemics earlier than ever, from the spread of innovative ideas, to risky behaviours, to viruses.

On Ideas

Halcyon aims to be an an ideas carrier, finding socially-innovative ideas and passing them on, meme/virus-like. Meanwhile, a growing number of physical and virtual ideas festivals can expose attendees to ideas from different sectors or intellectual spheres to their own (see, for example, this recent debate at the Institute of ideas).

On Thinking


According to Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind, logical, linear "left-brain" thinking dominated the Industrial Age, but relationship-oriented "right-brain" thinking will shape the "Conceptual Age". Pink believes in "symphonic thinking".

Quote 2482

The wise only possess ideas- the greater part of mankind are possessed by them - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Quote 2474

Money never starts an idea- it is the idea that starts the money - William J. Cameron

Quote 2472

I think you work out something [by writing songs]. I wouldn’t call them ideas. I think ideas are what you want to get rid of. I don’t really like songs with ideas. They tend to become slogans. They tend to be on the right side of things: ecology or vegetarianism or antiwar. All these are wonderful ideas but I like to work on a song until those slogans, as wonderful as they are and as wholesome as the ideas they promote are, dissolve into deeper convictions of the heart. I never set out to write a didactic song. It’s just my experience. All I’ve got to put in a song is my own experience ...…most of the time you’re just scraping the bottom of the barrel to find any kind of voice at all. It could be a few words, a tone of voice, two chords together–it’s a ragpicker’s trade as I practice it- I don’t stand on the mountain and receive tablets - Leonard Cohen…

Quote 2485

We do not know until the shell breaks what kind of egg we have been sitting on - T. S. Eliot