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What's Changing? - Language



London boasts over 300 different spoken languages — more than any other city in the world, according to The Information Capital. The capital’s lingua franca, of course, remains English: 78% of Londoners cited it as their ‘main’ language in the 2011 Census. The other 22% speak in different tongues, including Urdu, Somali and Tagalog.

On Medieval Provencal Halcyon In Kal… 14 April 2016

Now online, Proensa's interpretations of the troubadours have enchanted me - though perhaps not some of the dinner party guests on whom I inflicted the vinyl version at various times - for the best part of 30 years.

Is it really as long ago as 1983-85 that I specialised in Medieval Provencal and wrote my dissertation on the amour de loinh of Pierre Vidal? Rupert Gordon and I were the only students at Edinburgh to choose the option in many a year, and having been back in the George Square for the first time since 1985 earlier this year, I wonder whether anyone else has borrowed any of the books since!

Halcyon Language Headlines Halcyon Identifies 30 June 2014

Halcyon curates the most significant language-related content from carefully selected, top quality sources. Please contact us if you'd like our help with language-related challenges.

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Simplicity of language is not only reputable, but perhaps even sacred - Kurt Vonnegut

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Every language is an old-growth forest of the mind - Wade Davis

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Today we speak with one another in c.7000 languages; but it

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