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What's Changing? - Balance



Please see below selected recent balance-related change.


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September 2021


December 2019

  • Women and millennials in particular say that they seek companies with flexible policies when looking for a new job because work-life balance is so important to them. Many organisations have responded by offering flexible work arrangements, alternative work schedules and remote work options. However, not every job can be flexible - you can't tend to a hospital patient remotely or run a manufacturing line from a coffee shop - and maintaining a culture that supports flexible work arrangements isn't easy.


November 2019

  • Many of get the feeling sometimes that 24 hours are not enough to accommodate a day’s work, family life, personal interests and social commitments. This is not a new phenomenon: one piece of research by two business school professors in the 1980s, for example, warned that a successful career in business usually led to an individual feeling miserable in their personal life. Now, though, there seems to be a consensus that the problem is more acute than ever. Technology has blurred the boundaries between work and non-work, while globalisation has led to 24/7 demands on many employees. Meanwhile, in families where parents go out to work, childcare at home is often difficult to arrange, likewise care for elderly relatives.


August 2019


July 2019


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