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Halcyon actively monitors change covering more than 150 key elements of life.

The 52:52:52 project, launching both on this site and on social media in early 2024 will help you address 52 issues with 52 responses over 52 weeks.

A Mundane Comedy is Dominic Kelleher's new book, which will be published in early 2024. The introduction is available here and further extracts will appear on this site in the coming months.


What's Changing? - Wellbeing
Halcyon Identifies 8 November 2023
What's Changing? - Freedom
Halcyon Identifies 6 November 2023


Please see below recent freedom-related change.


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November 2023

What's New? - Security
What's New? - Security
Halcyon Identifies 1 January 2023


Halcyon curates the most significant security-related content from carefully selected sources. Please contact us if you'd like our help with security-related challenges.

What's Changing? - Security
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Halcyon In Business 1 January 2023


Please see below selected recent cybersecurity-related change. 


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December 2022

On George Orwell
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Halcyon In Kal… 11 February 2019


According to Open Culture, Orwell's Animal Farm was almost never published.  The manuscript barely survived the Nazi bombing of London during World War II, and then initially T.S. Eliot (an important editor at Faber & Faber) and other publishers rejected the book.  It eventually came to see the light of day but, reportedly, Animal Farm still can’t be legally read in China, Burma and North Korea, or across large parts of the Islamic world. 

However, the Internet Archive offers free access to audio versions of Animal Farm and Orwell’s other major classic, 1984.

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On Problem Solving
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Halcyon In Kal… 26 April 2016

Many of the problems the world faces today pre-date the latest conflicts and related refugee crises. Five years ago already...

1. Google asked the global public for ideas to address the following societal issues:

On Robots
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Halcyon In Future 16 December 2013

A taste of things to come?

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Whenever you are faced with a choice between liberty and security, choose liberty - Benjamin Franklin

halcyon.admin 17 June 2013
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Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life. Security is an insipid thing, through the overtaking and possessing of a wish discovers the folly of the chase - William Congreve

halcyon.admin 17 June 2013
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Only in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

halcyon.admin 17 June 2013