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Halcyon's 52:52:52 campaign on this site and on Twitter will start in late 2020. It will help you address 52 issues with 52 responses over 52 weeks.

Part consultancy, part thinktank, part social enterprise, Halcyon helps you prepare for and respond to personal, organisational and societal change.

A Mundane Comedy is Halcyon's new book. Extracts will appear on this site and on social media during late 2020. Please get in touch with any questions about the book or related Halcyon services.

Halcyon monitors change for more than 150 key elements of life.


What's Changing? - Health
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Halcyon Impacts 16 October 2020


Please see below selected recent health-related change. This page includes general updates on mental health, but please see Halcyon's pages on anxiety, depression and therapy for more detailed content on those elements.


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October 2020

What's Changing? - Depression
Halcyon Identifies 1 October 2020


Please see below selected recent depression-related change.


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October 2020

What's Changing? - Time



Please see below recent time-related change.


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September 2020

  • Everything we do as living organisms is dependent, in some capacity, on time. The concept is so complex that scientists still argue whether it exists or if it is an illusion. In a video, astrophysicist Michelle Thaller, science educator Bill Nye, author James Gleick, and neuroscientist Dean Buonomano discussed how the human brain perceives of the passage of time, the idea in theoretical physics of time as a fourth dimension, and the theory that space and time are interwoven. All the experts touch on issues of perception, definition, and experience.


October 2019

What's Changing? - Food
Halcyon Identifies 10 September 2020


Please see below selected recent food-related change.


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September 2020

On Swimming
Wild swimming
Halcyon In Kal… 1 July 2020


Swimming in open water - ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans - is like crossing a boundary into another world. The ancient Celts even believed that submersion could provide a link to the supernatural - Carpe Diem


Entranced many years ago by Roger Deakin's wonderful Waterlog, which I have lent subsequently to others and they've had similarly joyous reactions. 

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What's New? - Food
Halcyon Identifies 22 April 2020


Halcyon curates the most significant food-related content from carefully selected sources. Please contact us if you'd like our help with food-related challenges.

What's New? - Depression
Halcyon Identifies 23 January 2020


Halcyon curates the most significant depression-related content from carefully selected sources. Please contact us if you'd like our help with depression-related challenges.

What's New? - Health
Halcyon Identifies 1 January 2020
Halcyon curates the most significant health-related content from carefully selected sources. Please contact us if you'd like our help with health-related challenges.