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A Mundane Comedy is Dom Kelleher's new book, which will be published in late 2024. The introduction is available here and further extracts will appear on this site and on social media in the coming months.

The 52:52:52 project, launching on this site and on social media later in 2024, will help you address 52 issues with 52 responses over 52 weeks.

This site addresses what's changing, at the personal, organisational and societal levels. You'll learn about key changes across more than 150 elements of life, from ageing and time, through nature and animals, to kindness and love...and much more besides, which will help you better prepare for related change in your own life.

Halcyon In Kaleidoscope features irregular and fragmentary writings - on ideas and values, places and people - which evolve over time into mini essais, paying humble homage to the peerless founder of the genre. The kaleidoscope is Halcyon's prime metaphor, viewing the world through ever-moving lenses.


What's Changing? - Care



Please see below selected recent care-related change.


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April 2024

  • A white paper on the Future of the Care Economy called on leaders worldwide to prioritise the care sector. It shed light on the state of the care economy, emphasising its critical importance to economic growth and societal well-being. Focusing on overcoming systemic inequities and adapting to demographic changes, employment trends and skill requirements, the paper identified care as a key driver of prosperity. A proposed framework encouraged collaboration across sectors to enhance care systems, incorporating design principles and success factors for robust development and a more inclusive and prosperous future.