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A Mundane Comedy is Dominic Kelleher's new book, which will be published later in 2023. The introduction is available here and further extracts will appear on this site in the coming months. Please get in touch with any questions or thoughts.

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On Trees
Black Locust, Essex, May 2020
Halcyon In Kal… 6 June 2023


I wonder about the trees,” Robert Frost wrote. Monumental in size, alive but inert, they inhabit a different temporality than ours. Some species’ life spans can be measured in human generations. We wake to find that a tree’s leaves have turned, or register, come spring, its sturdier trunk. But such changes are always perceived after the fact. We’ll never see them unfold, with our own eyes, in human time.

What's Changing? - Design
Halcyon Identifies 28 May 2023


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May 2023

  • With office occupancy hovering at 50% of pre-pandemic levels, some companies are redesigning their offices for the hybrid age - spaces where employees can come together and collaborate, but also engage in distraction-free deep work, according to Time. Some new offices are more like a mix between an office and a social club, with cosy couches, conference rooms and rotating pop-up art exhibits.


December 2022

On Gardens
Angus in Genval
Halcyon In Kal… 23 May 2023


“This is happiness,” Willa Cather’s fictional narrator gasps as he sinks into his grandmother’s garden, “to be dissolved into something complete and great.” A generation later, in a real-life counterpart, Virginia Woolf arrived at the greatest epiphany of her life  - and to this day perhaps the finest definition of what it takes to be an artist - while contemplating the completeness and greatness abloom in the garden.

What's Changing? - Regeneration
Halcyon 11 May 2023


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May 2023

What's Changing? - Food
Halcyon Identifies 18 April 2023


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April 2023

On Henry David Thoreau

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In the 1840s Henry David Thoreau swapped his busy schedule in Concord, Massachusetts, for a wooden hut he built himself near Walden Pond. We had the privilege to visit Walden in July 2012; it exceeded expectations in its tranquility and beauty - and the swim in the pond itself was unforgettable.

Writing in the winter of 1843, shortly after Margaret Fuller’s mentorship made him a writer, the twenty-five-year-old Thoreau awakened to a snow-covered wonderland and marvelled at the splendour of a world reborn.

What May Change? - 2023
Halcyon In Future 13 February 2023


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