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We actively monitor change covering more than 150 key elements of life.

A Mundane Comedy is Dom Kelleher's new book. Extracts will appear on this site and across social media from late 2021. Please get in touch with any questions or thoughts.

The 52:52:52 project, launching both on this site and on Twitter in late 2021 will help you address 52 issues with 52 responses over 52 weeks.


What's Changing? - Wellbeing
Halcyon Identifies 13 October 2021


Please see below selected recent wellbeing-related change.


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October 2021

What's Changing? - Work
Halcyon In Business 23 September 2021


Please see below selected recent work-related change. 


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August 2021

What's Changing? - Balance



Please see below selected recent balance-related change.


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September 2021


December 2019

Women’s unpaid care work worth $10.8tr a year
Halcyon In Figures 21 April 2020

Of Mice and Men - Redux?



10 years on from chastening and often stunning images of the impact that global recession is having - right now. The Great Depression Revisited? The clothes and the cars and the laptops suggest "not yet", but over the coming months, who knows?

Still, the blooming sunflower in the last shot is a touching piece of photojournalism, suggesting that hope springs eternal or, as Roy Harper put it, "through all destruction flies new dawn".