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Part consultancy, part thinktank, part social enterprise, Halcyon helps you prepare for and respond to personal, organisational and societal change.

Halcyon's 52:52:52 campaign on Twitter will help you address 52 issues with 52 responses over 52 weeks.

To be a catalyst is the ambition most appropriate for those who see the world as being in constant change, and who, without thinking that they control it, wish to influence its direction - Theodore Zeldin


What's Changing? - Gender
Halcyon Impacts 30 June 2019


Please see below recent gender-related change.


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June 2019

What' Changing? - Balance
Halcyon Identifies 30 June 2019


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Pre 2018

Questioning Change - Work



Forum for the Future identified key questions regarding the future of work:

  • What kind of skills will our future workforce need? How might they be different from the skills needed today? How can educational needs and mindsets shift in response?

  • We also now need to ask, what sort of ‘talent’ will economies need? Where might the precise value in what people can do lie in future? How will this impact pensions and social security? 

  • How will we determine the rights of robots - a new class of workers?

  • What will be the future of unemployment: will more people choose it, or be in temporary/flexible/freelance employment?

  • How will team structures change? Will more people be working in teams, or alone?

Halcyon Work Headlines
Halcyon In Business 31 May 2019


Halcyon curates the most significant work-related content from carefully selected sources. Please contact us if you'd like our help with work-related challenges.

What's Changing? - Purpose
Halcyon Impacts 31 May 2019


Please see below selected recent purpose-related change.


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May 2019