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What's Changing? - Sleep



Please see below recent sleep-related change.


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September 2021

  • Quality of sleep has an enormous impact on both physical and mental wellbeing - and a lack of proper sleep can lead to poor health outcomes, from high blood pressure, to depression, to heart attacks and strokes. Wearables are becoming a hey technology to help consumers get a better night’s rest and by 2024, the sleep industry is expected to be worth $585bn


August 2021

On Meditation

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Research suggests that meditation can change brain structure, enhance mental abilities and work alongside traditional medicine to speed up healing. 

Certainly, when I learned Transcendental Meditation through a formal couse many years ago it was in some ways a life-changing experience, although I quickly moved away from the more cultish aspects of TM. 

I don't entirely buy the claim that just a few minutes' daily meditation can make a difference between an anxious existence and a life of quiet contentment...but it helps.