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What's Changing? - Money



Fundamental shifts in the world of work are eroding traditional social safety nets. Could a universal basic income (UBI) be the solution? UBI isn’t a new idea, according to the Basic Income Earth Network, which  says it was originally ignored, but growing fears surrounding job automation have stoked an interest in basic income.


Please see below selected recent basic income-related change.


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What's Changing? - Emerging Markets
Emerging Markets
Halcyon In Business 5 October 2020


Please see below selected recent emerging markets-related change. (Until mid-2018 the focus was primarily on Africa.)


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October 2020

On the Belt & Road Initiative

Belt & Road Initiative



China's Belt and Road infrastructure initiative is one of the most ambitious geopolitical projects ever. By 2027, it aims to dish out an estimated $1.3 trillion in loans, around ten times what the US spent on the Marshall Plan in the aftermath of World War II. As China increases its investment in the West, will countries' loyalty shift toward Beijing? About 80 countries have already joined, and dozens more are flirting with the idea. For a world that badly needs more and better infrastructure, Belt and Road is a good thing

What's Changing? - China
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Halcyon In Business 1 October 2020


Please see below selected China-related change from 2016 and earlier, For change from 2017 onwards, please see What's Changing? - Economics, What's Changing - Politics and What's Changing? - Emerging Markets.


Q3 (July-August-September) 2016 

What's Changing? - Food
Halcyon Identifies 10 September 2020


Please see below selected recent food-related change.


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September 2020

What's New? - Money
Halcyon Identifies 16 June 2020


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