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Part consultancy, part thinktank, part social enterprise, Halcyon helps you prepare for and respond to personal, organisational and societal change.

Halcyon's forthcoming 52:52:52 campaign on Twitter will help you address 52 issues with 52 responses over 52 weeks.

To be a catalyst is the ambition most appropriate for those who see the world as being in constant change, and who, without thinking that they control it, wish to influence its direction - Theodore Zeldin


What's Changing? - Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is typically defined as the ability of a machine to perform cognitive functions we associate with human minds, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, interacting with the environment, problem solving, and even exercising creativity. Examples of technologies that enable AI to solve business problems are robotics and autonomous vehicles, computer vision, language, virtual agents, and machine learning.


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What's Changing? - Arts
Halcyon Imagines 20 July 2018


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What's Changing? - Space
Halcyon Identifies 20 July 2018


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Space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight up - Fred Hoyle


July 2018

What's Changing? - Trade
Halcyon In Business 19 July 2018


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July 2018

What's Changing? - Isolation
Halcyon Identifies 19 July 2018


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July 2018

What's Changing? - Progress
Halcyon Identifies 18 July 2018


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July 2018

What's Changing? - Geopolitics



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July 2018

  • In many countries, noted GZEROMedia, historical divisions between right and left have given way to a new distinction between mainstream and populist voters—those who either trust or distrust ruling elites. As voters’ ideologies have shifted, new parties have emerged to channel their interests and discontents, often leading to unexpected election results and unstable governments. 

What's Changing? - Measurement
Halcyon Impacts 17 July 2018


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  • Quartz warned that, in an increasingly digital world with growing concerns about sustainability, dismay is mounting about the use of GDP as the benchmark measure for a nation’s economy. It fails to take into account other things that could be more valuable indicators about how a country is doing, such as inequality, well-being, happiness, clean air, and climate-change mitigation.


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