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To be a catalyst is the ambition most appropriate for those who see the world as being in constant change, and who, without thinking that they control it, wish to influence its direction - Theodore Zeldin

Human Rights

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Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll

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On Human Rights Halcyon In Kal… 1 March 2012

Global Voices published stories using video, focusing on human rights violations and the steps being taken to speak out on the abuses and try to protect minorities and disadvantaged communities.

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Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself. ~ Robert Green Ingersoll

halcyon.admin 8 April 2011
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Human Rights Watch aims to focus international attention wherever human rights are violated, give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes.

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When asked which global issues matter most to them, people's responses range from global warming and human rights to bee colony collapse, but the message that we should face these challenges as one underlies many answers.

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Development strategies sensitive to cultural values can promote human rights, including gender equality and women's empowerment.

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  • Human Rights - with human rights still under threat around the world, a campaign to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is trying to remind us that protecting such rights is our shared responsibility.