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A Mundane Comedy is Dom Kelleher's new book, which will be published in late 2024. The introduction is available here and further extracts will appear on this site and on social media in the coming months.

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This site addresses what's changing, at the personal, organisational and societal levels. You'll learn about key changes across more than 150 elements of life, from ageing and time, through nature and animals, to kindness and love...and much more besides, which will help you better prepare for related change in your own life.

Halcyon In Kaleidoscope features irregular and fragmentary writings - on ideas and values, places and people - which evolve over time into mini essais, paying humble homage to the peerless founder of the genre. The kaleidoscope is Halcyon's prime metaphor, viewing the world through ever-moving lenses.

What's Changing? - Creativity



Please see below selected recent creativity-related change.


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June 2024

  • Boredom can be a source of creativity and innovation, allowing our brains the opportunity to wander, explore new ideas, and seek out new perspectives. It can encourage us to learn new things, challenge ourselves, and grow. It can even offer the opportunity for reflection, increased self-awareness and self-improvement. Studies have shown that moderate levels of boredom can make us more likely to engage in creative thinking and problem-solving.


April 2023


February 2023

  • Maria Popova noted that recognition that art works with the raw materials of life undermines the cult of originality, which is itself the great hubris of the creative spirit. As Mark Twain wrote to Helen Keller, “all ideas are second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources”. Stripping true creativity of this fetish for originality, Emerson anticipatesd Oscar Wilde’s insistence that creativity is the product of “the temperament of receptivity”


December 2022


June 2022


July 2021


June 2019


February 2019


August 2018

  • I have no reader in mind - the reader is me as I re-read - Philip Roth. Roth's words resonate, and feel comfortable, to those of us who are still, slowly working ourselves out on the page.  We don't necessarily need comments, feedback...not yet, anyway.
  • However, as Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "many people die with their music still in them", so to avoid that sense of feeling, ultimately, unfulfilled, perhaps we should urgently try and find ways to create an authentic outward expression of the inner one, even whenthat vision is problematic, or even nightmarish, as in Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights in the Prado in Madrid.
  • Philosophers, artists and writers tell of places that quicken their creative pulse.
  • David Shields argued for a blurring of the lines between creativity and plagiarism on Start the Week, arguing that novels are irrelevant and that non-fiction has taken over. 

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