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What's Changing? - Generosity



Please see below selected recent generosity-related change.


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November 2023


May 2023

  • Research revealed that volunteering had fallen to a historic low in England post-pandemic. The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) surveyed 7,000 adults for its Time Well Spent report and found that those raising money or taking part in sponsored events was down from 11% to 6% since 2018. Meanwhile, the Charities Aid Foundation's UK Giving report found there were 1.6 million fewer people volunteering compared with five years previously. Sarah Vibert, NCVO's chief executive, said: "Given how important volunteering is to our social fabric, we need an urgent focus on helping people find opportunities that suit them."


March 2023

  • Global benevolence climbed 25% compared to before the pandemic, according to a UN report on world happiness. The report, which measured happiness across 150 countries, found that feelings of positive social support were trending stronger worldwide.


January 2023


August 2021


April 2020

  • The act of giving is rarely ever purely altruistic, and is instead motivated by a range of factors: feeling good about yourself, for example, or having a building named after you. Understanding the causes and effects of generosity can make us better and more thoughtful charitable actors.


October 2019

  • Feeling like the world is becoming less friendly? Social theorist Jonathan Zittrain begs to differ, seeing a web of random acts of kindness,
  • Meanwhile, initiatives like Global Giving also tell a more positive story.