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What's Changing? - Forgiveness



Please see below selected recent forgiveness-related change.


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July 2024

  • Forgiveness is not brushing something under the carpet and pretending it didn’t happen. Nor is it dismissing your feelings about what happened. It is accepting and freeing oneself from the residue of the event, events, behaviour, or transgression. Forgiveness is choosing to move on, empowered in our strong, survivor-self that is able to reform a life and sense of self, despite what has happened, according to therapist Kate Harvey.


February 2024

  • For many people with troubled childhoods marked by trauma and distress, one of the major theoretical problems of adult life, as they struggle to find closure, is: should they forgive their parents for the past, or not? They’re likely to be pulled in two contrasting directions. At one level, a sense of inherent loyalty means that they'd like to be able to let bygones be bygones, especially as they watch their parents diminish in strength and lose status in the world, it seems unfair to them to keep directing rage towards them and to behave in ways that were anchored in quite different power dynamics and circumstances.


October 2023


August 2023

  • According to Bethel Abera, founder of Hidden Scars, a UK non-profit, forgiveness is misunderstood because people think it means that you are letting that person get away with what they’ve done, but she argues that is not what forgiveness is. Forgiveness is you personally letting go of the bitterness and the resentment that you have towards someone else because of what they’ve done. It doesn’t mean that they don’t feel responsibility, or they don’t have responsibility, to make whatever they did wrong, right. That still exists. They may still have guilt, and they might still need justice - all of those things don’t go away. The point is that you are no longer motivated by the resentment and bitterness you have towards someone else.


April 2023

  • Nathaniel Wade, professor in psychology at Iowa State University, and his colleagues developed a process to help people work toward self-forgiveness. The Four Rs of Self-Forgiveness involves: taking responsibility for harming another person; expressing remorse (while also seeking to minimise shame); engaging in restoration, through repair-oriented behaviours and a recommitment to personal values; and achieving a renewal of self-respect, self-compassion and self-acceptance. True self-forgiveness involves both taking responsibility and moving toward self-compassion.


December 2022


October 2022


June 2022


May 2022


December 2021

  • Some four centuries after the event, the Scottish parliament moved to pardon thousands of people - mostly women - charged with being witches. Until the Witchcraft Act was repealed by Edinburgh in the mid-1700s, 3,837 were charged under the law in Scotland, more than 2,500 of whom were executed.


September 2021


May 2021

  • IMF member countries agreed to clear Sudan of the roughly $50 billion it owes to the multilateral institution. This debt forgiveness was designed to allow the transitional military-civilian government in Khartoum to gain access to the cheap international credit it needs to address Sudan's deep economic crisis following decades of isolation and sanctions under Omar al-Bashir.


September 2020

  • A charity that is dedicated to helping people learn to forgive saw a surge in demand for its resources on forgiveness this year. The Global Forgiveness Initiative, which is based in Scotland, has seen page views and downloads rocket as the pandemic swept across the world. The charity’s website, which includes articles, worksheets and ebooks, is now visited by more than 250,000 people per month, which is 10 times more than it was in 2019. The charity's founder explained that the pandemic led many people to get back in touch with loved ones from whom they had become estranged. “It was definitely a factor. People have told me that they looked for resources on forgiveness and then made contact with a family member they hadn’t been in touch with. It was like they were anticipating needing to get rid of the water under the bridge before engaging again with those relationships.”


May 2020


October 2019


September 2019

  • A group of charities and organisations in Finland launched a campaign to create an emoji for forgiveness. The ‘Forgivemoji’ campaign crowdsourced ideas for an emoji to say “I forgive you”, with the ultimate goal that it would be added to the official collection by Unicode Consortium. “We urgently need to learn better how to reconcile. These skills are needed everywhere. Different ways to encourage apologising and forgiveness are an essential part of it, and this includes the social media environment,” according to a spokesperson for the group.


June 2019