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What's Changing? - Immortality



Please see below selected recent immortality-related change.


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September 2020

  • Could a TED talk be used to digitally reanimate people 100 years from now, asked Future Today Institute? Researchers at Facebook used this corpus of TED talks to train a generative AI that now replicates the voices of Jane Goodall, Bill Gates and many others


February 2020

  • A viral two-minute video showed a mother interacting with her young daughter inside virtual reality. They are being reunited after a long time apart. The mother sobs and reaches out to her child. They sing a birthday song, and eat seaweed soup. We see the woman’s husband and three other children looking on via a monitor in another room. The mother in the video is Jang Ji-sung, from South Korea. Jang’s daughter, Nayeon, died three years ago from a rare blood disease. The Nayeon that appears to Jang is a virtual entity, created by the producers of a documentary called I Met You. Those producers used a child actor and motion capture to reproduce the movements of a seven-year-old girl, and then superimposed a representation of Nayeon’s face on to that digital mannequin. They synthesised a digital version of Nayeon’s voice. The result inside the VR environment is an apparently living, breathing, talking child. One can see the full clip here


December 2019

  • Tech gurus drew headlines in 2019 for trying to “hack” their way into living longer, with one man reportedly going so far as to inject stem cells into every joint in his body. Such biohacking is expanding beyond Silicon Valley techies to become a more global, commercialised trend.


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